Gateway DC


The gates are opening! Gateway DC is an interim use stat-of-the-art pavilion in the heart of St Elizabeths East.  The pavilion is designed to provide venues for casual dining, a farmers market, and other weekend and afterhours, community, cultural and arts events.

Gateway DC is a city park and pavilion with fantastic amenities and opportunities that allow for a wide range of magnetic events to occur.

Gateway DC is proud of where it stands in the center of Ward 8, where it can welcome visitors from across the city with dynamic entertainment and retail offerings.

The pavilion will be activated with retail, community and opportunities for fun– featuring local retailers, restaurants and more.

The fully-enclosed, conditioned café space will be outfitted with a food service partner, open consistently through the week and offer fresh and delicious food and drink starting next Spring.

The area adjacent to the café is 800 square feet of flex space available for rent.

Technology & Programming Initiatives

St. Elizabeths East Campus; Photo Credit: Alan Karchmer

The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the first phase of St. Elizabeths East (“Phase I”).  Phase I is a 1.6 million square foot, mixed-use and technology-focused development opportunity at the East campus of the former St. Elizabeths Hospital in Southeast Washington, D.C.  Redevelopment presents an unparalleled opportunity in the nation’s capital to create a new technology-focused community, combining business, research, higher education and residential uses in a collaborative environment.

RFP St. Elizabeths East Phase I

Development Overview


This site is a National Historic Landmark and is specially zoned as the StE District. The campus is adjacent to Congress Heights Metro Station (Green Line) and located along major transportation corridors – Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, Alabama Avenue, and access from I-295 and Suitland Parkway. It is also adjacent to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security headquarters, located on the West Campus.

 In October 2013, the District government opened Gateway DC on the campus — a new and innovative multipurpose park and pavilion that serves as an exciting new place for DC residents and visitors at large to gather for meetings, arts events, open-air markets, group exercise classes and more.

 The District has allocated over $100 million towards construction of new infrastructure improvements needed to support all planned future development at St. Elizabeths East, including roadways, water, gas, electric, telecommunications, streetscapes and street lighting; the design and construction is overseen by the District’s Department of Transportation and the first-stage public infrastructure improvements, estimated at $51 million, are planned for completion in 2016.

 At full build-out, the campus will feature 500,000 gross square feet dedicated to an Innovation Hub that will include an academic anchor (approximately 250,000 square feet), private sector programmatic anchors, innovation marketplace and business incubator, and additional educational and non-commercial activity centers.

Welcome to St Elizabeths East

Community.  Education.  Business.  Enterprise.  Each is a cornerstone of one of the District of Columbia’s most unique investments in the future. At the center of the District of Columbia’s historic Ward 8 neighborhoods, St Elizabeths East is an exceptional opportunity for the City and the private development community to create a landmark for the 21st century:  a well-planned, mixed-use, mixed-income, walkable, livable community.  St Elizabeths East holds immeasurable potential as a catalyst for economic development and growth – not only in the neighborhoods surrounding the iconic campus, but throughout the District, the region and the nation. Welcome to St Elizabeths East: a gateway to a new future.