Children’s Vision For The Community

Many of the children who live in neighborhoods closest to St Elizabeths East excel at demonstrating the depth of meaning that this unique physical place holds for the community.

In January of 2012, six elementary school students were honored for their vision of a future for St Elizabeths East. The six recipients of cash prizes were selected from among 24 Malcolm X Elementary and Mary Church Terrell Elementary student submissions.

The Writing, Drawing, and Rapping Contest was organized to engage area youth by the St Elizabeths East Community Action Team (CAT) and its members, Marcus Sharpe, Tendani Mpulubusi El, and Dorenda Canty, all residents of Ward 8. Vance Page, of W. C. Smith & Co, donated time and office space for judging.

Winners from Malcolm X Elementary School included:

  • Treasure Brooks, Kindergarten
  • Jamaree Martin, 1st Grade

Winners from M.C. Terrell Elementary School included:

  • Robnesha Stewart, 2nd Grade
  • Kaichi Hughes, 3rd Grade
  • Mekhi Davis, 4th Grade
  • Myniah Sweetney, 5th Grade